Good Morning!
Yawn and stretch and look at yourself
in the bathroom mirror
while you brush your teeth.
While you are doing that,
look at your bathroom from the 
vantage point of the mirror
as if looking through someone else's eyes.
Are you surprised at what you see?
Is your shower curtain tired looking?
Is the picture of 
Aunt Gertrude in a baby bath
a bit dated looking?
Are your towels thin and limp?
Is the room dark and dreary?
Should I go on?
Nope!  You get it.
If you are thinking of updating
your home for sale there are
two rooms that make your house really salable.
We are going to focus on the bathroom today.
What does it need to give it a 
If it needs to be painted,
paint it a bright clean color.
Paint the woodwork a nice
glossy white.
Does the vanity need updating?
Can you paint it and replace the top
or do you need a whole new vanity?
Are the lights over your vanity 
bright brass from the 1990s?
Can you spray paint the base
and add new glass globes?
Does the floor need to be replaced?
It is probably not a large room so 
cost to replace the flooring
should not be prohibitive.
Don't want to use tile?
Try the new 
Luxury Vinyl Flooring
that looks like wood!
You need nice fixtures.
If you have a standard tub and shower,
(and don't want to tile/replace it)
scrub it until it is clean and use
auto wax buffed to a high shine.
Replace a standard shower head
with a luxurious double shower head.
Add fluffy white fresh towels,
Add a candles and maybe some succlents
Here is an example of a small bathroom makeover.
This didn't cost a lot of money
but look at the impact.
A new bathroom can lead to 
a whole new outlook on life-
Even YOU will look better 
in the mirror in the morning-
Pinky Promise!


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